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Biomechanics and Trauma Lecture - RegistrationInformationKaufmanlecture.docx         ANMC September 22, 2016      
TCRN reveiw course with Jeff Solheim -
October 5,6, 2016  Anchorage, AK.          
AK ENA 2016 conference -  2016AKENAconference_000.pdf
October 7, 2016
BCEN Certification Testing

Call Naomi Savino at BCEN at: Toll-free: 877-302-BCEN (2236)
Direct: 630-352-0810 to test for the CEN, CFRN, and TCRN, but NOT CPEN. See list of 16 sites in Alaska. Naomi must get the process started for each test at each location. You may email her at

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